Back from Springfield

After five days of training and orientation, I made the 6-hour drive back to Nashville. And have done pretty much nothing all day but nap, wash linens, and play on my computer with March Madness in the background. In the back of my head is a growing list of things that need to be done….and I think I’ll wait until Monday to start.

Anyways, I wasn’t sad to leave Springfield last night but I am more excited about going back. I’m excited to see how this new adventure and this new job unfolds. I’m excited to go back and start working at Global Initiative. I’m excited about some potential housing options I found. I’m happy to say that I found several places with good vegetarian food options and good coffee. And again, there’s Andy’s Frozen Custard.

I’m hopeful that all the things I have to do in Nashville will work themselves out quickly: that my house will come together, that it will sell quickly, that selling stuff and packing will be easy. And then I can move!

It’s really strange to think that I’ll be starting over. By age 35, I think some people settle into their lives, wherever that might be. But not me; I’m pulling up my roots again to start a new adventure. Going to L.A. was a big event, a big change for me, but I knew it was temporary and that I would move back to Nashville. This time it’s permanent; there is no coming back to the known and the comfortable of Nashville.

At the same time, as OK as I am with moving to Springfield, there’s part of me that thinks this might not even be “forever.” I can see myself there for several years but I’m somehow I don’t expect another 13 years like I’ve had in Nashville. Maybe, and that would be OK. Or it could be a 2, 3 or 5 years and then someplace else. (Dear God, please let me move to NYC.) And maybe that’s what makes this move OK; more adventures are in my future. One step at a time, I guess…


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