Off and Running!

I need to get a calendar and write this stuff down. My brain is too full and I’m afraid that I’ll forget something.

Tomorrow morning I fly to Grand Rapids to join other workers at Grand Rapids First for Missions Sunday. I’m comforted in the fact that this is my home church, where I grew up and where my parents still attend. My parents and I will venture back to Nashville next week to begin home improvement projects so I can get my house on the market.

From there I am speaking at the “Bread of Life” women’s conference at my church here in Nashville, The Church at Indian Lake, on Saturday, April 1, and I’m joining the missions night at Tennessee District Council in Knoxville on April 5. I look forward to connecting pastors there. And the end of April I’ll be joining the ladies for one night at the TN District Women’s Conference…just before I run the Country Music Half-marathon on Saturday, April 30 (yikes!).

It’s a good thing I love to be on the go.


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