All I want is a “for sale” sign

The home improvement to-do list is getting shorter. Thankfully. Other than the kitchen, bath and basement, things are ready to go. Oh, and the azalea and flowers out front. Once those are done, house is ready for the “for sale” sign.

Only problem is, I’m out of town! Quite a bit in coming days. And it’s stressing me out that I might not get my house on the market in May. Some might say: “It’s OK to wait til June.” Which I’ll probably have to do. But at the same time I’m thinking: “But that’s one whole month of not being for sale and I need it to sell!” It’s stressing me out a bit. I just want this whole process behind me and I want to move on to the next thing.


I do have a realtor coming by next week to start the process and I think at the same time, I’ll start staging rooms, taking pictures and sharing them with friends and social media to jump start things a little. I think a little slideshow on here would be helpful, don’t you?


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