Music for the radio, but not that radio

I had the chance to “interview” Dave and Jess Ray last week for my job with It was more like a catch-up session as we all realized upon arriving at Fido that we’d work together in some capacity several years ago. Sometimes you need those faces to go with names.

Dave and Jess are worship leaders at Tallowood Baptist Church in Houston now. Back in 2008 they took a trip to Southern Sudan that impacted their lives in a big way. They were especially moved by a woman named Asinita. Her village had been raided and wiped out, and she was left with six chickens. That was the amount of her wealth. But Asinita gave them one of her chickens as a gift of hospitality. Think about that. She gave 1/6 of her possessions, seemingly without reserve. That led Dave and Jess to consider what it would cost them, and cost us, if we gave 1/6 of our everything….

This led to Music for the Radio, an EP by Dave and Jess, which includes a song entitled “Asinita.” The project is a way for Dave and Jess to connect their music to their love for the Southern Sudanese. All proceeds from the purchase of the EP (releasing May 15) will go to buy handheld radios for people in Southern Sudan through Aid Sudan’s Radio Station Project. These radios will allow the people to hear the gospel in their own tribal languages as the Radio Station Project uses a satellite up-link to broadcast to repeater stations across southern Sudan.

Sudan has a special place in my heart as it’s been the home of my sister and brother-in-law and nephews for the past 15 years, and as I talked to Dave and Jess, I couldn’t wait to share their story and word about this project. I hope you’ll consider helping out and buying the EP when it releases May 15.

For more on Aid Sudan’s Radio Station Project, click here.

And for information on Dave and Jess Ray, and Music for the Radio, click here.


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