A week away…

I had the opportunity to travel to Winthrop, WA with a few other Christian radio folks to hear new music from some of our host Centricity Music’s artists: downhere, Jason Gray and Aaron Shust.

Winthrop is a small, small town up in the Cascades of Washington. Such a cute town! The main street of Winthrop is Old West prospecting town. And the views of the valley and the mountains were breathtaking and inspiring.

I had the chance to catch different people up with what lies ahead for me. One old acquaintance was particularly interested in the fact that I would be working with the Church for the purpose of engaging Muslim people and to educate Christians about Islam and Muslims. He encouraged me to use my contacts for support, noting that God has given people the means to help — and they should. He told me not to be afraid to ask.

I think I’ve been putting off these support letters because of simply that. I have trouble asking for this help. Even though I know it needs to be done. Asking for money just makes me feel weird — but I know it’s also part of this process I need to go through. I’m home for the whole month of June. The house will be ready and on the market. And I will be sending out my support letters.

P.S. There was one new song from downhere’s upcoming record On the Altar of Love (releasing 9/23) that really inspired me; it’s called “It’s Only Beginning” or “It’s Only Just Beginning.” Hopefully there will be music and lyrics I can share soon! In the meantime, check out the band’s first single from the new record, “Let Me Rediscover You.” Great tune! Here on the band’s YouTube page.


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