In Phoenix, and It’s Hot!

I arrived in Phoenix yesterday for General Council and spent a majority of today at the Global Initiative booth in the exhibit hall. I spent several good hours there, meeting new people and seeing some faces that I know. And it was fun to hang out and talk to my fellow Global Initiative staff.

It is a little awkward to reach out to random people that you don’t know from Adam or Eve who are passing by the booth but eventually I found a niche: high school students. The few I talked to today have Muslim classmates and have been wondering how to reach out. I was able to share some booklets that Global Initiative has and gave them my contact info if they had more questions.

I’ve also gotten a few ideas on people that I could reach out to for support — and I might get real gutsy and try a few that seem out of reach. You don’t know until you ask, and they can’t say “no” until they know what I’m “selling.”

With that, I need some sleep – my body is still operating on Eastern Time.


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