Back in Pasadena

One long, hot week in Phoenix is now behind me and I’m sitting in the much milder temperatures under a cloudless (though hazy) blue sky in Los Angeles.

I figured that since I adjusted to Pacific Time, I might as well extend my stay.

It has been 60 degrees in the morning with highs only in the low 80s during the day. [Sigh] I can handle this. And I remember why I enjoyed living here so much (the climate was one of many reasons).

Last week was pretty hectic. Or at least I was very tired after it all. So I vegged the entire weekend. I think my friend Dianne was worried and/or bored with me. But I really truly didn’t want to do anything. Now, I’m feeling better and ready to catch up and hang out with my friends.

This afternoon I am sitting on the patio by the Psych building on Fuller’s campus — as an official alumnus. It’s a beautiful feeling that I am not required to be in class while here or that I don’t have to study at the library. I can just be and visit with friends.

And so I will.


Being in Phoenix with the Global Initiative team lit a fire under me. I need to get my money raised and pray that my house sells quickly. I’m ready for the change and ready to see what happens next.


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