It’s September!

It’s now September and I am back in Michigan. Give me four more weeks and I’ll be back in Nashville. Hopefully the heat will be moved out of town by then.

The house is still for sale, though I have some interested buyers that are working on their financing. Please, God, let that come through! I was just thinking earlier this week how I closed on my house at the end of September 2002 and moved in October 1. And I thought how fitting it would be if nine years later to the day, I sold the house and moved out.

Fundraising is still going and I have a had a couple of really nice pledges and gifts come in the last couple weeks. I’ve been sending out more letters and information this past week so slowly but surely I know the money will come in.

I’m currently sitting at the library in Hart, MI, using the free wi-fi to turn my work in for the week. Then it’s a subdued version of Dune Fest with the family for the holiday weekend.

Life is good. Though I’m really ready for that next phase to start….


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