Back in Nashville // House STILL for SALE!

I’m back in Nashville…as it should be…for now.

It was a little weird for the first 24 hours but once I got back into the household chores and working-from-home routine, it started to feel normal pretty quickly.

There were a few weeds to pull, some shrubs to trim, spiders and webs to vacuum, and dust to wipe up, but the yard looked great (check out Nashville Grass & Landscape if you need help in the future). And it took all of two days before I got my baking sheet out and made some delicious pumpkin muffins.

Now comes the debate about what to do with my house. Oh, I still need to sell but I am debating about realtors and re-listing it, etc. I am going to rearrange rooms and furniture, do a massive cleaning of the basement, and maybe repaint the entire kitchen.

Concurrently, I am still fundraising and working for All Access, as well as finishing up my training for the Detroit Free Press half-marathon that is only two weeks away this coming Sunday. I’m pretty excited about the race. My running time is about two minutes per mile quicker than when I ran the Nashville Music City half-marathon in April! I am looking to finish in 2:10 (I ran the Nashville half in 2:40).

Overall, things are good. It’s fall and I love fall. I have a plane ticket to NYC for my and my friend Leslie’s annual Christmas trip already purchased, and the annual work trip to Malibu for the holiday party in November to look forward to. Now, to just sell my house and get some more pledge supports….


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