What Friends Do

My friend Shelley emailed our little urban tribe last week Thursday with a request. Her long-time friend in New York state had a crisis. After a series of difficulties this year, Keturah found out that her kitty Monti had cancer. The vet bills that she had would prove difficult in light of her already depleted resources over the course of 2011.

Cookies For Sale

Shelley asked if we would help out with an impromptu bake sale (last Saturday) with the proceeds going to the vet bills for Keturah’s kitty. And the response was really pretty great. With only a two-day notice, the bake sale made $311.27. Shelley surprised Keturah with a card filled with the story, pictures and money this week.

This is what friends do. They see a need and band together to help. Even on short notice, even when it disrupts a schedule, even when it’s for a friend’s friend that one doesn’t know that well.

I am proud to be part of such a loving, compassionate and faithful community here in Nashville. It’s an example of committed, true friendship revealed through serving others. I will miss hanging out with these guys when I move, though I know that they will be there for me if I need anything, even from a distance.


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