I just finished reading Simplify by Joshua Bennett.

It’s an easy read. A quick guide to becoming a minimalist, living life simply and minimally.

Fortunately for me, I am in the process of selling my house and moving so downsizing and clearing things out is happening organically and/or by necessity. The principles in the book are good cheerleaders to help me continue to get rid of stuff and to make room for more life.

I would love to buy a stack of these books for my house, which is currently on the market, with a note to the showing agent and potential buyer: “Please, before you say that everything about this house is great except it’s not big enough, read this book.”

My house is super cute, move-in ready, with a full unfinished basement with garage (i.e. plenty of storage space). Perfect for a single person, couple, or one plus a roommate. But the buyers/lookers so far think the space is too small.

To which I ask, “How much do you people own? And what did you expect from a listing that says 910 square feet?” My house is fully furnished with normal furniture: couch, chair, desks, table and chairs, queen beds, bookshelves, wardrobes, etc. It’s not empty space but it’s not stuffed either.

So what do these people own that won’t fit in this space? And are they afraid to minimize?

Man, I am so ready to minimize that I wouldn’t mind selling my house furnished, minus my clothes, (most of my) books, kitchen utensils and Christmas tree.

With that….do we have any interested buyers out there? Here’s the listing!


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