Meet @inlandchurch

Even as I continue my own fundraising, I wanted to draw attention to a few friends that are doing the same, that I support myself. Starting with Inland Church in Spokane, Washington….


I met Laura and Mikey Mills in Pasadena. We were all students at Fuller Seminary but Laura and I were baristas at Starbucks — that’s how I officially connected with them. About two years ago, Laura and Mikey and a few of their long-time friends from college began a journey to Spokane, Wa., to plant a church.

Inland Church officially kicked off last year. Its vision is to see the restorative work of God come to the city and people of Spokane. You can read more about who they are as a church community here; you can read more about the church leaders here.

I am so honored to know Laura and Mikey, and am really proud of them. I watched them take a giant leap to move so far north (they’ll all from Texas) and plant this church. It has been fun reading their updates about life in Spokane and Moscow, ID, where they actually reside.

I believe in their call and in their work. If after reading about the church, you feel led to do likewise, you can find more information here or email them at

Inland Church Online:


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