The Mosgofian Koekers are Bali bound

I met Joy at Fuller pre-David. We were part of a group project in one of our cross-cultural studies classes.

After I moved back to Nashville in ’09, Joy and David met, married and took a research trip through Central Europe before moving back to Pasadena in early 2011. They lived in a household of artists and students, and Joy finished her degree at Fuller.

Joy & David Mosgofian Koeker

Joy writes in a recent email, “As a household, we spent the next 10 months in the revealing work of group discernment. We invited professors, missionaries, and representatives of Christian NGOs over for dinner and invigorating conversations. We prayed and worshipped and sought advice.”

Now that next phase is unfolding. The group decided to work with World Relief on a new project serving refugees in the little fishing town of Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia. Joy and David, along with three others from their household, are moving at the end of January. Four more of the crew should join them in the coming year. Joy and David have committed to two years of work in Indonesia and will see what God unfolds from there.

Each of them will fill different roles in Bali.  David will bring his job along part-time and will serve as a volunteer at a local church. Joy and the rest of the group will work in an asylum seeker detainment camp teaching English, developing job skills classes, and offering healing to the people there. One couple Mikey and Jeana Masters will also work part-time as church liaison coordinators to draw in volunteers and partnerships from Indonesia churches for the many projects World Relief has going throughout Indonesia.

I love Joy’s spirit. We had a fun time in our group and I know her passion for reaching the others with the message and love of Christ. I have committed to join them in financial support; would you?

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