Meet @districtchurch in Washington, D.C.

Another friend that I support is Justin Fung. I met Justin at Fuller Theological Seminary; we were both cross-cultural studies folks. After he finished at Fuller, he moved to Washington, D.C. and served with Sojourners for a year. When his time with them ended, God led him to join a church plant in D.C. now known as The District Church where he now serves as Associate Pastor.

What I appreciate about Justin is his desire to live out the gospel. Whether that’s with The District Church now or in his previous work with Sojourners or the ONE campaign, he works for the least among us. He lives out his calling to see that everyone has the right for justice and compassion.

I also appreciate his honest and authentic outlook on life. He asks questions and he seeks answers and doesn’t act like a know-it-all. You can see for yourself via his blog.

Something else I like about this church is their Leadership Residency. Justin started as a Leadership Resident; that’s when I tuned into their work and started supporting him/them. The Leadership Residency program gives leaders pastoral experience for those called to church planting or urban ministry. They want to train leaders who will then lead a church or urban ministry, either in D.C. or elsewhere. What great idea and great opportunity in such an important city. It was great to hear Justin’s stories as he served as a Leadership Resident and now as a pastor.

ABOUT THE CHURCH: The District Church is a non-denominational church in Washington, D.C., that started in spring 2010. A small group of people came together to be a church that existed for the sake of the city. A city with many of the world’s most educated minds but also the lowest performing public schools. The capital city of the world’s wealthiest nation but also the highest poverty rates. What extremes! The District Church aims to be a community for the world changers that arrive in Washington and for those on the outside of society.

Twitter: @districtchurch

To make a tax-deductible donation, click here.


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