Things I will miss about Old Hickory Village

I am going to keep a running list of things that I will miss about this neighborhood and my house that I have lived in for 9 1/2 years.

Maybe some of these will encourage a would-be buyer to make the leap.

These are in no particular order by the way.

1) Springtime! The three cherry trees in my yard bloom beautifully. And the cherries that they produce are delicious. I made cherry jam with them last year.

2) The randomness of redneck neighbors: the statue of dog without a head, the claw foot bathtub for sale on the corner, bulk trash pick-up day (in which people take other people’s furniture from the sidewalk before the city comes through).

3) I will miss pounding the pavement for 3-6 miles throughout Old Hickory Village. The hilly nature of the neighborhood is a great training space for runners.

4) I can walk to the post office and the library. That’s very handy.

5) An airplane landing or taking off is one of my favorite sights. My house and neighborhood lie under the flight path to Nashville’s airport, so I can sit on my back deck and watch plane after plane coming in for a landing. And the planes are not so low that it’s obnoxiously loud.

6) I will miss the fantastic church sign messages, like this one, down the street.

7) Hanging my laundry out on the clothesline to dry.


One thought on “Things I will miss about Old Hickory Village

  1. Sad you must leave behind a neighborhood of “character”….such as it is. Here in Fla, most home are of the cookie-cutter kind.

    So, you walk and run! We also love living in places where we can walk and bike to errands. Spfld….I biked there the three years I lived there–but that was 20 years ago. Not sure how they treat bicyclists now.

    We left cherry trees behind, too….8-(


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