One Week Until Closing!

The last two weeks have been jam packed with stuff to do: normal workload plus freelance work plus sorting, packing and prepping to move. You can hardly watch time fly by with so much to do. But alas, here I am one week from closing on my house and handing over the keys.

It’s a bittersweet time, indeed.

I have found an apartment in Springfield that I will move into on June 1. Which leaves me homeless for a month. No need to worry, I have found places to rest my head during the month of May. Including joining some of the Global Initiative team in New York City for its upcoming summit. Then to D.C. to spend a week running along the National Mall and eating as much Ethiopian food as possible with my friend Shelby. Followed by a train trip to Richmond for a week with my Southern girls.

Then to my new home, Springfield.

After talking about this move for so long, I can hardly believe it’s happening. Once I get out of this house, I will regroup once again on fundraising. I need to finish up this budget so I can start work as soon as possible once I arrive in Missouri.


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