On The Road

To catch you up…

I left Nashville on May 4 and drove to Chicago to stay with my sister and her family for a few days. My nephews had a couple rugby games that I needed to see.

I was supposed to close on my house on May 2, but on May 1 I got a call from my realtor that the buyers’ loan was not completed. He found out the next day that the loan processor had May 15 written down as the closing date, when everyone else involved in the transaction had May 2. Sigh. So, before I left town I signed a paper giving my friend Beth power of attorney to do the actual signing for me when the papers were ready.

So, today is May 15, the day that the loan processor had written down to have the loan finished. Well, still not done. My realtor convinced the buyer’s agent to use his lender if the loan is not ready by Thursday evening. I guess my closing will be this week or before the end of the month.

The original thought was that I would be homeless for most of May. So I planned a trip to the East Coast to visit friends before arriving at my new place. (Obviously I’m still homeowner but all my stuff is gone.) Last week I flew to New York City for six days. The first three were spent with Global Initiative for its annual summit and the weekend was spent exploring and catching up with friends. Yesterday I arrived in Washington, D.C. to stay with my friend Shelby (who is in town for three months for work). Next week I trek down to Richmond, VA to hang out with my Grand Rapids girls who all now live in the South.

Only two weeks away from my new home. Hard to believe. But I am excited about arriving and settling in and diving into a new life and new work!


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