Hello! From my new hometown of Springfield

I arrived in my new home of Springfield, Mo., on Thursday night. And Friday morning my container arrived at my new apartment. Some friends helped me unload the furniture and by this afternoon (Sunday), I declared myself “moved in.”

I have a lovely little studio apartment (about 585 sq. ft.) and it’s just perfect for the amount of stuff that I brought with me from Nashville. My discovery this afternoon is that when one lives life minimally, it doesn’t take long to move and unpack and set up a new place.

I feel a little bit like I’m playing house or only moving temporarily, like when I went to L.A. to grad school. Which came to mind today as I drove back from the grocery. I remember my friend Shelby and I exploring Pasadena on my first weekend there, feeling a bit lost while trying to commit new street names to memory. Eighteen months later, as I moved back to Nashville, I was sad to leave the familiar streets of Pasadena. It didn’t take long to grow accustomed to some new streets; I’m sure the same will be true here.

So, here’s to the start of the next part of life’s journey! [Clink!]


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