My most recent email update said….

Hello, friends!

Much has happened since I wrote last.

No longer a homeowner…. I sold my house! There were some snags in the process with the buyers’ loan, which delayed the process a couple weeks, but it all came through. I’ve cashed the check and paid off my debt (except those pesky school loans). It was a little sad saying good bye to the house, but after I pulled away, I barely thought about it. I’m a little surprised at how little I’ve thought of it. I think everything in my head suddenly became focused on my nomadic month of May and the new life waiting for me in Springfield.

No longer in Nashville…. Friday, May 5th, I said good bye to Nashville, my home of 14 years, and drove to Chicago to stay with my sister and her family for a few days, and more importantly to watch my nephews play rugby. From there the nomadic month of May took me to New York City, Washington, D.C., and Richmond and Charlottesville, Va. A combination of hotels, friends’ houses and rented apartments became my home(s). I spent some wonderful time with friends, exploring new things in NYC and D.C., and finding new food, cupcakes, vintage and books in Virginia. Though by the end, I was completely done with pulling my one large suitcase from train to plane to subway to cab.

No longer on the road…. On the last day of May, I packed my Jetta with extra groceries and a house plant from my sister and goodies that I found at IKEA the day before and drove 8+ hours to Springfield. The next morning (June 1) my container was delivered to my new home, a studio apartment on the west side of Springfield. With the help of some friends and co-workers, the big furniture made it up the stairs into my new space. Over the next two days, boxes and suitcases were unpacked, and I was officially off the road and mostly settled in my new home. It’s been one week now, and it still feels a little bit like I’m playing house, but as I start to get out and explore, and meet up with friends in town, the reality sinks in. The romantic idea of starting a new adventure becomes less so, for I am an introvert starting over and this requires extra effort from me. I need prayers about finding a new community and local friends here in Springfield.

No longer working from home…. I won’t leave you on a sad note, for there has been a very exciting development since last we spoke. This week I started working with Global Initiative! I have keys to an office that has my name on the door and a beautiful iMac on the desk. What more could a girl ask for? My work calendar already has trips scheduled. And the projects are pouring in. It’s exciting and refreshing; I feel useful and productive. I’m feeling emotionally and spiritually fulfilled, and not just financially, by a job. Even with the pressure I put on myself about starting over and making new friends, I am fully confident that this is exactly where I am supposed to be. And while I have had to make adjustments in my morning routine to get to the office at a decent time, it feels good to interact face-to-face with my fellow team members here and to help them develop the means to share their message with the church.


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