My New Hero: I. Lilias Trotter

I am helping my brother-in-law Dick earn his PhD in intercultural studies. He says that he will share his degree with me when it’s all finished (lucky me!). Basically, he pays me to edit his tutorials so I spend hours reading through hundreds of pages of his research on abiding, and the necessity of daily abiding in Jesus for fruitful missions work (which is actually pretty interesting).

His most recent tutorial included the stories of notable missionaries to Muslims in Egypt and Sudan, including Samuel Zwemer, Oswald Chambers, Temple Gairdner, Lillian Trasher and Lilias Trotter.

As I was going through the paper, Dick and my sister both noted that I might find the story of Lilias Trotter personally interesting and that her biography A Passion for the Impossible was a very good read. So, I got on Amazon and ordered it once I arrived at my new address in Springfield.

It is now my book for the week for my ONE WORD 365 endeavor to read one book per week this year. And while reading it this morning (yay for holidays!), I ran across quote after quote that hit me right where I am. They were confirmation for a business email I sent last night and confirmation for the choice that I made to move to Springfield. They were somehow so very timely for what I needed this morning.

So, as I process and get ready to write out more about those quotes, check out A Passion for the Impossible, and two long-form essays by Trotter, Parables of the Cross and Parables of the Christ-Life. Both of the essays can be found free online to download or they are available in the Amazon Kindle store for free. Check them out!

P.S. If I ever have a daughter, I’m naming her Lilias. I call it; you can’t steal it.


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