My Parents Are Coming to MO!

So, my parents should be on the road from Michigan to Missouri now. But they are not alone. They are with a busload of Royal Rangers on their way to Eagle Rock, Missouri, for the Royal Ranger Camporama this week.

It’s only about two hours from Springfield. I’m going to try and get down one afternoon to see my mom and have dinner.

It’ll be like old times, only not quite. My parents have been loyal Royal Ranger leaders for over 40 years. Many of our family vacations coincided with Royal Ranger trips. In fact, my first time to Tennessee was when I was like 4-years-old for the National Camporama in Pigeon Forge. I remember going to Silver Dollar City (now Dollywood); we had our family portrait taken at one of those old timey photo shops, where you dress up in pioneer clothes, sit in an old wagon, and don’t smile while they take the picture. I also remember stopping by Knoxville to the site of the World’s Fair. There is a family photo of us in front of the big gold ball there. Good memories.

This time I don’t have to go on a vacation to Missouri. I live here.


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