A God Moment

Some things happen that I can only attribute to Providence.

I traveled to Nashville last week to train my replacement for my job with All Access Music Group (officially done this week!). I also had the opportunity to share with my church about my first two months on the job at Global Initiative and ask for people to join my support team.

On the way there I stopped in Jackson, Tenn., to visit with the staff of a supporting church. I arrived about an hour early so I decided to stop at a nearby Starbucks for some coffee and email.

As I walked into the store, a woman was coming out with her hands full. I grabbed the door and noticed that I knew her. “Stacey?” A member of my support team. Who happens to live in New Jersey. But is now at the same coffee shop in a town in which neither of us live. What are the chances?

A God Moment in Jackson, TN

Stacey, her husband Johnny and the wonder pup Mally were on the road to Ft. Worth to visit family. They started the morning in Nashville and stopped at the first Starbucks they found — Jackson, Tenn.

So there we were. It was great to catch them up on the job so far and what I am looking forward to. I might not get to see them in person…well…maybe ever again, so it was great to spend a few moments together.

Read more from Stacey here.


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