Things I Realized After Five Days in Texas…

As I drove to and from West Texas and through the construction of Ft. Worth and Dallas these past few days, I learned a few things:

1) I am grateful to live in Springfield: I spent time with old and new friends in Plainview, Texas over the weekend. I also shared with one of my supporting churches, Plainview Assembly of God, a great and friendly group of people. But West Texas is way out there and as small as Springfield feels at times, at least there is a Target.

2) I do not want to live in Texas: After driving through the emptiness of West Texas to the bustle (i.e. construction) of North Texas, I prayed, “God, please do not ask me to move to Texas, please.”

3) I missed the office: I will always love to travel. In fact, I fly to L.A. this weekend to visit friends/supporters and I can’t wait. But as I drove home yesterday, I could not wait to get back to the office. I love working in my office with these other team members. There is always laughter and stories, and I love the work that I’m doing.


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