Hello, New Year!

One year ago I celebrated the New Year with friends in Boston and returned to Nashville to a house still on the market, with lookers but no buyers. Then spring arrived and life picked up speed. The house sold and I moved. I landed in a new city with a new home and new job, and before I knew it, six months passed. I had been busy — focused on Global Initiative work and a couple writing projects, and forcing my introvert self to get involved in a new church community and social life. Life was good but I was not connecting with it.

At the six-month mark I stopped. I confronted my situation. I allowed myself one lonely afternoon, missing the known of Nashville, but then I looked around and saw God laying out a life for me here. I hadn’t wandered into a new town by accident — I’m exactly where God wants me — and I discovered that even in the midst of my busy, He had been putting the pieces of life in Springfield together for me. He’s pretty awesome like that. He provided a beautiful set of women as much-needed friends and a church with a heart to mobilize peoples. I decided I didn’t require much more than that. So I got happy again.

My sister and brother-in-law say, “Cairo doesn’t need us; we need Cairo.” Well, Springfield doesn’t need me; I need Springfield. Sometimes I choke on those words but as I repeat them, my heart warms up to this city a little more, and I realize that I can’t continue to be so busy with the work that brought me to Springfield that I miss what God wants me to learn here. And that’s my prayer request right now — to balance the work of Global Initiative with the need to connect with Springfield .


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