One Year

Today I spent the day wandering through Toledo, Spain.

One year ago today I spent my first day in the Global Initiative office in Springfield.

I can barely believe it’s already been a year.

Last year I had no idea what this new life would hold.

One year later I cannot stop thinking of ideas for what this new life could hold.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for this past year. My heart wants to explode.

Just goes to show, when you open your life to God’s leading, He will put you exactly where He needs you. And He will exceed your expectations while doing so. His view is much larger than mine, so it just follows that whatever He does will be much grander than anything my little mind can imagine.

Many unexpected opportunities came my way this past year. The biggest thing to happen, though, was the completion of a puzzle. In January 2007 God interrupted my career in Nashville with one sentence: “That’s what you’ll be doing.” Speaking to college students just like Beth Moore was that morning in Atlanta. This year I spoke to students at Sam Houston State University, World Missions Summit, Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Valley Forge Christian College, and Trinity Bible College. And closer to home in a core group from my church. And for the last week here in Madrid with students from Northpoint and Central Bible Colleges. He was right; I was going to be speaking to college students.

And I’m glad that I listened and followed. I think we all know by now that Springfield, Mo., is not my dream destination. But right now there is no other place I would rather live in this world. It is the exact place for me with the exact community of people that I need and that need me. So it doesn’t matter what my dream destination is. I’m exactly where I want to be in this moment. I’m filled with joy at the work in front of me and at the ideas taking shape for year two.

This life of mine is way better than I deserve. I’m grateful that God uses me at all because I can be a real mess. And so as year two begins, I pray that I keep listening and responding to what He says.


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