In August…

Two big events happened in August: General Council in Orlando and vacation/friends’ wedding in Portland, Oregon.

We can mostly skip over the humid details of GC in Florida, other than the fact that I got to spend a lot of time with my sister and her family. And I also connected with a number of young adults and university/college folks about potential trips for 2014. You know, all that work and networking stuff.

The joy of August, though, was my vacation in Portland right after General Council, where I had the joy of witnessing my dear friends Shelby and Russ get married. They are such good friends that they planned the wedding for the week that I was there (two birds, one plane ticket west).

It was the most glorious and fun wedding that I’ve ever been to (no offense to any other friends’ whose wedding I have attending). The backdrop was Mt. Hood. That takes the cake right there. And there wasn’t wedding cake–it was all about the ice cream. And 13 dozen Oregon-shaped cookies made by yours truly. Such fun with friends from Nashville and beyond, all meeting up in Oregon to celebrate our friends. It was perfection.

I returned to Springfield ready for the school year to begin. And it did….


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