#OneWord365: Share

A Nashville friendquaintance* Alece founded OneWord365 a few years ago. It’s a movement that ditches the New Year’s resolutions for just one word. In 2011 my word was SEE, and in 2012 it was READ. I don’t remember choosing a word for 2013, but it probably would have been MOVE. I didn’t have a word for 2014, though it likely would have been TRUST. I’m back at it this year. My word is SHARE, and it kind of terrifies me.

I’m an introvert. I tend toward shyness in groups of new people. I default to listening over speaking. I enjoy the observation that comes with people watching. I’m an input person and happily take in as much information as possible.

What I am not prone to do is share. I speak when spoken to. I answer questions when asked. I share when the spirit moves me. I initiate conversation when deeply compelled to. But very rarely (and maybe never) do I gather people around and say, “Listen to this.” Even typing that sentence, I feel like someone just grabbed my heart and started squeezing it really hard. The idea of announcing that I have something to say freaks me out.

Yet since November I have felt the Spirit saying that I need to say more, that I need to share more, that I have something to say, that I need to say it. God put the word ‘shepherd’ on my heart. For years in Nashville I was the learner with some truly wonderful teachers. But now it’s time for me to give what has been given me.

So my #OneWord for this year is SHARE, and it will take various shapes. There will be blogs here. There will be emails, text messages and cards. There will be lunches and coffees. There might even be phone conversations. If I have your phone number, email address or mailing address, I might pop up in your mailbox from time to time. If I’m in the same city as you, I might invite you for a meet-up. Maybe you’re a friendquaintance, and I only know you through social media—I might message you. If/when you come to mind, I will make sure you know. When I have something burning on my heart/mind, I will make sure you know.

God has asked me to SHARE this year, and with his grace, I will do it. I will not only speak up when the Spirit moves, I will also share what matters most to me today, this week and this month.

*Friendquaintance: An acquaintance that would be a friend if time and space were on our side.


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