PART TWO: The Work

In December I started a small series with PART ONE: Outgrowing Things. I thought when I left Nashville, that I left editing. But as it turns out, only my location changed. My work did not.

I finished my first assignment with Global Initiative in June and transferred to Live Dead Arab World in July. It took several months for the role to fill itself out, but I think we have it figured out. I serve in two ways—communications and student mobilization.

I share this as part of a recent realization. I am a professional editor and a writer, and have been for seventeen years. Content strategy and words are my gift and passion. When I moved from music journalism in Nashville to my work in Springfield, my profession moved with me—God relocated it. He took what I did for an industry and began to use it in a ministry. I went as far as I could in Nashville, and at just the right time, God moved me to Springfield.

Each member of our team brings a set of experiences and skills. Mine includes content strategy and a call to equip the church to advocate for the lost. It took me some time to wrap my head around it, but God finally got through—I create content to mobilize the church to reach the unreached. I serve the Arab world from Springfield…for the time being.


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