The final installment in my short update series.

PART 1: Outgrowing Things

PART 2: The Work

The work is necessary, but it’s also fun and worthwhile. Still there is something else in life to keep in mind: people. My word this year, SHARE, has much to do with people.

I finally wrapped my head around leaving Nashville for Springfield. I finally figured out what my work actually entails. Then I saw that my life must revolve around more than content strategy and writing and editing. There are people God has placed around me, both for my benefit and for theirs.

That is where my one word for the year, SHARE, comes in. I am being pushed to interact more with the people and world around me. Much of that will come through downloading thoughts and quotes and life lessons through this blog.

Others will be more personal interaction. Like the ‘surprise’ meet-ups I’ve had with Springfield friends I haven’t seen in months. I ran into my friend Adie at the grocery store last week. We’re having breakfast this week. I dropped a few books off at Evangel University and thought, I wonder if I’ll run into Deb [one of the young ladies who traveled to NYC with my team last March]. I did! We went out for Pineapple Whip the next day with another one of my Evangel/NYC girls, Brittany.

This week is my birthday. This is my third birthday since moving to Springfield, but it’s the first one I’ve actually spent in Springfield. The last two were in Phoenixville, PA with the Global Initiative team. I had no idea what to do this year. Usually I have no problem deciding how to celebrate my birthday. Three years ago, before I moved, I had an epic grilled cheese party.

But up until yesterday, I was at a loss. Then my friend and fellow The Human Right team member Alyssa suggested we make sushi for my birthday. YES! From there it seemed right to invite my Springfield sushi friends, Monique and Susan, to the little party (especially because both are moving soon). Then I invited Leslie who was with me in Pennsylvania last year when a winter storm knocked much of the power out in Phoenixville. She planned a little party by lantern for me. This year I invited her to a party that will have lots of light.

It’s all part of SHARE. Two little divine meet-ups last week led to more intentional time with friends. A birthday leads to another round of birthday memories with people that I didn’t even know three years ago. God moved me here where he needed me when he needed me, and now I celebrate another year of friends and life with another round of new people. The people I meet, the friends I make, not one is by mistake, and I intend to SHARE with them and them with me.


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