Caffeine Fast = Complete

I did it! I completed the caffeine fast. And I lived to tell about it.

February 28 marked the end, and the morning of March 1, I bought a soy chai tea latte at the Atlanta airport before boarding my 12-hour delayed flight back to Springfield. The drink was dreamy.

My first cup of coffee after 28 days... Hello, my friend!

My first cup of coffee after 28 days… Hello, my friend!

This kingdom fast was a healthy one for me, physically and spiritually. I realized quickly how my body responded to the lack of caffeine in my system. It didn’t feel good. So, resolution #1 upon reintroducing caffeine to my life: Do it in moderation, please. If the desire is for a hot mug in hand while reading, fill it with caffeine-free tea or just water.

Second, my realization that I longed for coffee more than Jesus was like a punch to the gut. I vowed to say out loud “I just want Jesus” at least once every day for the second half of the fast. Which I did. And every time I said it, the response was, “Here I am.” In those moments I found the reality that there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother or sister (Prov. 18:24). It was powerful. Which leads me to resolution #2: Say his name out loud at the start of the day. I need to start my day with his name, and then have my cup of coffee.

March’s Kingdom Fast: Shopping. Stay tuned.


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