Today I binge on produced music.

Today is the final day of the shopping fast. Tomorrow includes a visit to Target.

Tomorrow begins the produced music fast. Today I binge on Spotify.

At first, I wasn’t really concerned about the April Kingdom Fast of produced music. Anytime between 1998 and 2012, I would have freaked out about it, but since I no longer spend as much time in the music world, I thought, “I got this.”

Then I realized…. I have very long road trips on the calendar in April.

Come on. Seriously? Why couldn’t this fast happen in March when I was home all month? And what are the chances that the one month I would really like to have produced music pumping into my ears to cut through the monotony of the road is the one month I cannot have it?

*shaking my fists at the sky*

Dear planner of the Kingdom Fast schedule (i.e. dear brother-in-law), I blame you. Because I don’t want to blame God for the “coincidence.”

On the bright side, I have wanted to explore the element of silence in my abiding time. Looks like there is no time like the present. Here’s to a quiet April…


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