Be Gone, Facebook!

I happily gave up Facebook for a month.

The Kingdom Fast in July was the Internet. We were encouraged to give up the extra conveniences of the Internet, like social media, news, sports, online shopping, personal email, etc.

For my fast, I chose to ignore Facebook, at least my personal page. Since I manage social media for the Arab World, staying away from it entirely wasn’t possible. My travels overseas in July with no data plan and limited wifi made it easier to accomplish.

Sigh. How wonderful to ignore Facebook for a month. I often want to get away from Facebook. It can be such a time suck. And it holds such a limited view of present situations and circumstances. I only see what people want me to see.

But it can also be so convenient to log in and check for a birthday or message someone whose email I don’t have. Or when the Spirit brings someone to mind and I wonder, “Where is she or he right now?”

My lesson for the month: Find the balance. Facebook in moderation. Facebook when needed. Facebook when useful. And find the time to see someone’s actual face.


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