I could have done better.

I admit it. I kind of didn’t want to participate in the Kingdom Fast for August.

The fast was Image. It’s meant to keep in check what I look like to concentrate on what Jesus looks like. Some suggested ways to participate are wear one outfit for the month or alternate between two, cover up the mirror, forget the hair appointment, skip the make-up, give extra clothes away, stick to one pair of shoes, etc.

I can tell you I did none of those things for the whole month. I did some of those by accident. With 25 days away from home last month, I wore the clothes and shoes that fit in my carry-on. And working from home often means no make-up. But those were not intentional fasts; they were more like an afterthought. Like “Hey, I’m fasting image right now!”

The goal was to concentrate more on what Jesus looks like. And I feel like, because I didn’t try to fast any of the above for the month, because I was a bit lazy, I missed the chance to feast. I’m the type of person who makes a decision and stubbornly does her best to stick with it, and because I didn’t make a choice to give up something that I encounter daily—like my abundance of clothes, all my shoes or the mirror—I missed the opportunity to create a habit of thinking about what Jesus looks like in those daily moments.

Bummer. I could have done better.

NEXT UP: The September Kingdom Fast is Screens. I have not yet decided what screens I’m fasting for the month, but with these August thoughts fresh on my mind, I know I need to decide ASAP….


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