December = No Books

December’s kingdom fast was books. Of all the things. Books. I love reading. I usually have a half dozen going at the same time. On different subjects to different ends.

But for one month, no reading of books for business or pleasure. Again, in these fasts we give up something good for something greater in Jesus. Time not spent reading books means time to spend reading the Bible.

Not picking up a book for the whole month was not hard, but it was sad. I missed my book reading. But on the flip side, I found the words in my Bible that much sweeter. I spent more time in various passages practicing Lectio Divina, a way of praying the Scriptures, letting phrases and words sink in and connect with those before and after. I bought a new notebook while on the road in November; I filled pages and pages of it with thoughts last month.

I read and heard some wonderful truths as I took my time with Scripture last month, so I keep on with Lectio Divina today, even though my dear books and I have been reunited.


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