What is abiding

Last year I went through the 12 kingdom fasts and learned some very interesting things about myself and my relationship with God. I treasure the lessons learned.

This year I plan to focus on the 12 Live Dead core values, starting with abiding. Abiding is both fixed daily time with Jesus as well as all day communion with Him. Essentially, it’s reading your Bible and praying every day and walking in His presence throughout.

(I spent the last few years editing my brother-in-law Dick’s dissertation that focused on abiding as mission; so I feel prepared to talk about abiding and its missiological connection to John 15. Ask me anything.)

The video below gives a good, quick overview of the basics of abiding as summarized by the acrostic ABIDES.

A – All Day
B – Blocks of Time
I – In the Word & Prayer
D – Disciplined
E – Everybody
S – Strategic

January 2016 – Abiding from Live Dead on Vimeo.


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