A poem for my thoughts

The Sender and the Sent

The sheer injustice of mercy
Felt intolerable;
Unequivocal, unrelenting
Too much.
He refused to go to Nineveh,
Determined to play no part
In such an undeserved stay of
In desperation he sailed,
Hoping the vastness of the
Would hide him,
That anonymity would dull the
Yet even the deep resonated
With the presence
Of the one who would not let go.
He surrendered
The free flow of grace
Always comes with a cost;
The message and the
The sender and the sent.
Beyond the boundaries of reason
Love responds,
‘Send me.’

(written by Chris Matthews)


A friend shared a new app called Presence with me.* Presence uses music, film, and poetry to inspire prayer and reflection, and “The Sender and the Sent” is part of the chapter entitled “Send.” (Probably a no-brainer that I would gravitate to that chapter from the get-go, right?)

I can’t stop reading this.

Each time something different stands out.

There are many notes I want to take, many things I want to say.

But I’ll stick with my initial thought for this post. This month I have been immersed in the value of partners and partnership. And when I read the phrase “the sender and the sent,” I thought, “That’s the ultimate partnership.”

The Sender and the sent: The ultimate partnership.
I can’t be the sent without a Sender. The Sender can’t be the Sender without  the sent.

He would have me, His daughter, an ambassador, be His presence in a city of the Arab world, and I can go because I know He’s with me.

While seeking new partners, this is the partnership I have to keep in front of me.

This life I live as a daughter of the King is a call-and-response relationship. It’s a command-and-readiness partnership. He asks, I obey. No matter the cost. “The free flow of grace always has a cost.”

I couldn’t ask anyone else to partner with me in this next chapter if I didn’t know the One sending me, if I didn’t understand the urgency He feels for the lost, for the unreached to also know Him.

God is my trusted partner. Jesus is my trusted partner. The Holy Spirit is my trusted partner. To know and be known in this partnership, a beautiful thing. To be tasked with seeing the Sender glorified where He is not, humbling and terrifying and awesome.

The Sender and the sent. Beyond the boundaries of reason, love responds. ‘Send me.’

Are you partnered with the Sender? Are ready to play your part in an “undeserved stay of judgement”?

*I did the homework for you. Find Android version here. Find Apple version here.


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