Ever Be

For fourteen years music was my day to day, my bread and butter. Then I moved out of that world, and music became a different priority in my life. Not a lesser priority, just a different one.

Worship music now takes the larger percentage of my listening time, both during my devotional time and travel time, and I listen to it differently than I did before. Now I often listen for how a song relates to the mission of God in this world and how it can be a prayer sung over unreached peoples.

One of my favorite songs to this end is “Ever Be.” We sang it in church yesterday and the thought crossed my mind to share it.

The second verse is my prayer over the women I’ll meet: “You father the orphan … Now You’re making me like You / Clothing me in white / Bringing beauty from ashes / For You will have Your bride / Free of all her guilt and rid of all her shame / And known by her true name…” (The traditional dress of women on the Arabian Peninsula is all black.)

The chorus simply says, “Your praise will ever be on my lips.” That is my prayer for myself and my fellow workers across the Arab world, that all our words would be proclamations of Jesus.

Finally the bridge says, “You will be praised. With angels and saints we sing worthy are You, Lord.” That is the promise of Revelation 5 where people from every nation, redeemed for God by the blood of Jesus, are represented around the throne, and I pray for the fulfillment of that promise.

Do you have an examples of songs as prayers?


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