My new place

I’m feeling more settled and finally got around to snapping a few pics with the camera phone. Here’s a little tour:

When you walk in the door….

From the opposite corner

Looking at kitchen & bathroom half

My very full closet

My accessories, very organized

My little piece of Nashville

One half of the galley kitchen

The other half of the galley kitchen

My favorite “room” in the place, my pantry

The bathroom


All packed!

I have my own container packed to the brim with my belongings. Today with the help of friends (my Nashville family), most all my stuff was packed into a 6 x 7 x 8 feet cube and readied for shipping to Springfield. The cube will beat me to Springfield and wait for four weeks until I arrive to unload it at my new place (get ready Springfield friends for the easy unload!).

I am now camping out in my house until closing on Wednesday morning. There are a few small things to be packed, taken to Goodwill or recycling, and  some cleaning to do around the house, but other than that, it’s ready to change hands. Still kind of hard to believe that it’s finally happening….

Squeezing everything in….