Dearborn Bound

Next stop: Dearborn

I might be more excited about next week’s exposure trip to Dearborn than I was about spending a month in Spain. Part of this excitement probably comes from the fact that I did my practicum in Dearborn about three years ago and loved it and am so excited to return.

Whereas Madrid was a new city to me, I know more about Dearborn’s people; I know my way around the city; and I know the workers with whom we are serving. I can picture all the places that we will be visiting and cannot wait to visit them with the five other people on the trip.

The other thing that excites me about this trip is the lack of language barrier. With the help of wonderful translators, I got by in Spain. But now I will be able to sit down and have an instant conversation with anyone I meet. I am just praying and praying that God will direct me and the others on my team to the right people and the right conversations.

So, we leave Monday and drive, drive, drive. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are days of culture learning, prayer, and conversation with locals. Friday we drive, drive, drive back home. Pray for us: for safety on the road and in Dearborn; for God-appointed conversations with Muslim young adults; and for long-term friendships to be born.



It’s on days like this that looking at my left wrist keeps things in perspective.

REJOICE, it says.

In all things, rejoice.

When flying out of Springfield to O’Hare under a storm threat, rejoice.

With missed connections, rejoice.

When your plans go awry, rejoice.

We will reach our destination of Madrid eventually. We just get to see Brussels airport rather than Philadelphia.

Sometimes you just want to shake your fist at the clouds. Or at O’Hare. Or both.

But what’s the point of that, really?

Fact is, I deserve much worse than I actually receive. God’s mercy saves me from His wrath and every day His mercies are new over my life.

What’s a girl to do other than rejoice in the fact that she has life in Him and the opportunity to share that message with those who have not yet heard.

So off we go, via an unexpected route to Madrid.

Madrid Bound

Hello, Friends!

In 48 hours I will be flying to Spain for four weeks, leading two exposure trips to serve a social and cultural integration center in Madrid.

Our first team of five arrives Tuesday and will assist in English classes as well as travel to Melilla, Spain in North Africa for an outreach.

A few days after the first team departs on June 10, a second team of eight young adults will join me in Madrid. The second team will also serve the center.

These exposure trips are designed to not only serve alongside friends engaging with Muslim people and culture in unexpected places. Both trips include culture learning through mosque visits, a culture class with a Moroccan immigrant, and a day trip to Toledo, Spain where histories of Christianity, Islam and Judaism reside in one place.

Prayer Requests:

  • Spirit-led conversations with the Muslims and national Christians we meet
  • Safety in our travels to/from Madrid and Melilla
  • Joy and unity among the team members and missionaries

Madrid is reachable. We will help.